A Brief Glimpse About Me.

I am An Eternally Optimistic Designer who enjoys solving Creative Problems. I find Inspiration in those in need and I always find myself never giving up in any obstacle placed before me. I believe taking chances is how we learn and become better at what we love. Making those brilliant mistakes, makes me eager to become better at what I do.

I am Proficient in Branding, Typography and Illustrations of various kinds. I have a specific style that does not settle for just the ORDINARY. I am interested in it all. I am very comfortable working in collaborative environments and under pressure. I Love to be given tasks that are challenging and knowing that at the end of the day, I overcame that obstacle.

I am a PROUD Mother of a Beautiful Little Girl, Who's Life I Live For. She is the reason for my Determination and Strong Motivation. She Brings All the Joy to My Life and I Always Strive to Be a Better Person Because of Her. 

Born and Raised in the Magnificent Streets of Los Angeles, California. I hail from Beautiful Traditional Mexican Parents of whom have made me the person that I am today. Proud to say, because of them, I am Always eager to overcome the challenges of daily life. I Love My Family.



Best Bands - Coldplay / U2 / Arcade Fire / Janis Joplin / Led Zeppelin / The Animals

Best Music - Rock / Classic Rock / Oldies / Spanish Rock / Indie / House

Best Food - Pizza (Italian Food), SeaFood

Best Movie - The Sting

Best Actor / Actress - Robert Redford / Meryl Streep

Best Color's - All the Colors of the Rainbow

Best Brands - Apple / Oakley / Vans / Converse

Best Hobbies - Sing My Heart Out / Jam Out to My Drum Kit

Best Thing To Do - Spend Time with My Family. Especially My Lil'Flash. My LadyBug

Favorite Person in The Galaxy - My Lil'Monkey